Demos and Bench​-​Sides

by Dax Schaffer

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"It takes a lot of ideas, demos, and various takes to get to the final product of a finished album. This collection contains not only some of my favorite demos from the process of making 'Two on a Bench,' but many original tracks that were cast aside in the name of a making a finished and cohesive work. Knowing that they would never see the light of day otherwise, it seemed fitting to release them here in at least some form. The quality is all over the place and the mistakes are present, but there is some interesting stuff going on. 'Inert to Noble' and 'Apocryphal Instrumental' could easily have been finished tracks and it was a shame we couldn't use everything. Thanks for checking them out, I hope you enjoy listening!"


released November 5, 2014

Demos and Bench-Sides
• All songs written and performed by Dax Schaffer
• Recorded (mostly) by Steven Ray Morris (mostly) at Justice Street Studios in West Hills, CA
• Mixed and mastered by Dax Schaffer at Stay at Home Studios in Los Feliz, CA
• Additional mixing by Steven Ray Morris on "Inert to Noble," "In the Edge of Nowhere (Demo/Alternate Mix)," "Persistence of Vision (Early Take)," "For Now, From Me (Phone Demo)," and "Two on a Bench (Hendrix Mix)"
• "Dial Tones (Drippin' Yellow Madness Version)" recorded at #19 View Studios in Silverlake, CA
• "Placidity" recorded at Stay at Home Studios
• "Two on a Bench (Original Demo)" and "Supplement to the Animation Song (Amped)" recorded at Cat Pad Studios in Calabasas, CA
• Harmony Vocals by Laura Jackman on "Rorschach Moon (Live Recording)"
• Violin and Additional Lyrics by Erika Ishii on "Inert to Noble"
• Harmonica by Steven Ray Morris on "Persistence of Vision (Early Take)"
• Additional Wordsmithery by Erika Ishii on "Rorschach Moon (Live Recording)" and "Persistence of Vision (Early Take)"
• Keyboards by Steven Ray Morris, Bass Guitar by Evan Koehne, & Ukulele by Kyle Rousseau on "Dial Tones (Drippin' Yellow Madness Version)"
• Cover art by Dax Schaffer

Thank you to Steven Ray Morris and everyone involved. Please listen to Steven's own music at


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Dax Schaffer Los Angeles, California

Singer/Songwriter. Some of my more personal songs are collected here. Mostly melodies written on ukulele and acoustic guitar. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy listening.

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Track Name: Inert to Noble
Curiosity portends it
Are gaseous thoughts more or less concrete?
Inert to Noble's where the end is
Boiling points are where... I get cold feet

Trade the horse in for a pony
In backward steps you will find that need
Though your copy was a phony
Was it easy for our copies... learning to bleed?

Trains of thought are running by
Years ago they ran on steam
Now the diesel fumes run dry
Precious dregs of a barren dream

Forced demand and no supply
Prices vary in-between
Still the diesel fumes run dry
Mined remains of what had been

Gauge your need to see clearly
A lack of space subsidized by air
Concentrated or completely
Solid are the reasons... reasons to care... care

An afterthought cannot prepare
For the life you've yet to see
All it takes is never there
When it's what you'd like to see

Trains of thoughts all passing by
Fueling off on gasoline
Now in our remains we cry
For the dregs so rarely seen

Raise the heat and we'll expand it
Inspiring atoms from the stream
New resources are demanded
Turn our nightmares back... to steam
Track Name: You Were Born in a Shoe
You were born in a shoe
I was born in a lake
You don't know what to do
I have a mouth full of steak
Track Name: Tiny Garden
If you would pardon
A tiny garden
planted in our spare time

I'd like to see
One tiny tree
Planted among the vines

We'd plot it there
And watch it there
Growing in time gone by

And as they climb
We'll see them intertwine

So help me start in
A tiny garden
Where we could plant our lives

And you and me
Can sow the seeds
Just to pass some time
Track Name: Tired Old Metaphors
Frightened of succeeding
And too proud to fail
Regardless of the feeling
It's time we set sail
And though we lack the deckhands
Or rations to support
Our friends and all our loves
We've already left port

But you say we haven't left yet
That we're still at square one
And though the chessboard's open
You've already succumb
To the life of a pawn
Who's going to die first round
But pawns cannot go backwards
So there's no turning around

Fight your way to the other side
Become a mighty queen
And if you don't mind me joining
I'd like to be your king
Even though your moves are better
It's a throne on which I reside
'Cause any throne is a good one
When it is at your side

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